Unshakeable juice of your practice

I am thrilled to be introducing Hayley North , Yoga & Qi Gong teacher,  worldwide retreat cook and Retreat Cook trainer to you as my collaborator for two retreats in Spain this summer ! 

I first met Hayley on retreat with our mutual teacher John Stirk in Italy back in 2009.  Both of us studying with key yoga teachers from the Scaravelli lineage.  

Hayley was running her own kitchen cafe in a beautiful boutique hotel in Rome and her food was something that I had never tasted before.
The authentic power of her practice and food combined were clear and her passion for bringing a deeper understanding to yoga practitioners of the inseparability of how we treat our body, ourselves on an energetic level with every mouthful of food, just as with each breath. 

A yoga teacher since 2005 and Qi Gong teacher since 2010.  She has studied Five Element Theory and Food Energetics from Chinese Medicine perspective , Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic nutrition principles.  

Hayley has cooked for hundreds of retreats worldwide over the last 15 years and trained over 80 chefs through the Retreat Chef Training course she started in 2016.  She also consults with venues & organisers to set up retreat venues,  define food philosophy and recruit retreat teams. 

Being a practitioner, teacher, retreat organiser and cook, gives Hayley a rich insight into how to effectively cook for different retreats and nourish guests throughout their experience. She brings the essence of yoga and mindfulness into the kitchen and approaches cooking as a therapeutic and connective practice. 

Over the years since, we have continued to share in the rich soil of the Scaravelli  yoga community .  And this rich soil has brought us together as though out of nowhere for this 2023.  

Like a tree has its own patient timing , so does a creative momentum such as this.  It seems there is some kind of unshakeable juice that we share. 

As two experienced course leaders we are so happy to be coming together to create a safe held space for personal immersion , stillness and deep rest. 

We would love to welcome you there.

with love 
Hayley & Julie 

The Radical Act of Stillness 

Yoga, Qi Gong & Hiking 
with Julie Tucker & Hayley North 

Monday June 5th  – Friday June 9th 

La Pobla Corazon Retreat Centre , 

Inner Wild Yoga & Meditation Retreat 
in the Catalan Pyrenees

Yoga, meditation & deep nature connection 
with Julie Tucker & Hayley North 

Thursday 6th – Monday 10th July 2023 

At Les Gavatxes, Kshanti  
Beget , Spain 

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