Your True Potential – Cranio Sacral Sessions

the gift of embodied presencecranio sacral therapy sessions  A doorway through differentiating between past experiences , and your potential, who you are now, through your embodiment  ” Do you remember how you came into existence?You may not remember because you arrived a little drunk Let me give you a hint;Let go of your mind and then be mindful.Close your ears and listen!”Continue reading “Your True Potential – Cranio Sacral Sessions”

magic in solitude and silence

Winter rest the clarity in tenderness  images fromsilent retreat French Pyrenees  in silence body & mind unfolding in resting nowlanding in to aliveness  in the stillness  held in the wide hands of powerful presenceall that remains is the tendernessof our inherent connectedness  Yoga is no place to get to , its your friend reminding you of the ease and joyContinue reading “magic in solitude and silence”

notes on the yoga retreat experience

notes from Les Gavatxes Yoga & Deep Rest Retreat October 2021 ” I so valued the way we start with meditation and it (the yoga practice ) being part of the same stream and the movement coming from the stillness ” Emma, retreat @ les gavatxes October 2021 Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuationsContinue reading “notes on the yoga retreat experience”

How present are we in our lives?

How present are we in our lives? What stories of the past are directing our present and our futures? The stories of events past whether emotional or physical, that we may carry can be held in our bodies and hold us back .As our perceptions and beliefs about our world are distorted. This energy thatContinue reading “How present are we in our lives?”

attention and aliveness

YogaListening Coming home To a wider harmony  Over these summer months of geographical movement , my yoga practice offers a coming home to a deep stream of aliveness.   Stepping onto the mat is a gift each time.     It allows a deepening into wider ease and simplicity  underneath any turbulence or habitual mind:  a deep welcoming home.  Being curious how somethingContinue reading “attention and aliveness”

Whole Body Breathing – fluid intelligence, space and the spine

” After a while when the last three vertebrae closest to the ground start to receive life,  if we are attentive , we will discover that the energy running along the back of the spine (from its base to the top of the head)  increases in power, making the spine alive and strong.”  Vanda ScaravelliContinue reading “Whole Body Breathing – fluid intelligence, space and the spine”

Yoga Coming up bouyant in uncertain times

Yoga  for Buoyancy in uncertain times  On a branch, floating downriver, a cricket, singing. by Kobayashi Issa, transl. Jane Hirshfield   Practising the ancient arts of yoga and meditation we promote self regulation of body, mind, spirit.  A proactive response in alleviating  the impact of social isolation and events out of our control on our well being andContinue reading “Yoga Coming up bouyant in uncertain times”

What needs more room to grow ?

Meditating together online What needs more room to grow? Loving life a short meditation to try for free   The tendency in our cultural thinking when we think of  growth , is we are talking about more of something.  Whilst in nature growth is cyclical and arises from deep systems of interconnection and mutual flourishing that support all life.Continue reading “What needs more room to grow ?”