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Julie has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2007 to small groups, one to one , retreats and workshops.   Deeply inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, working with two of her principal students for many years.

She offers yoga as a space to come back to heart.   Where there is permission to stop ‘doing yoga’ and let body wisdom reveal itself to you.   Where you work to discover health on all levels, mental, physical and emotional .

With a deep curiosity for where  she sees life, love of life and that that is inseparable from freedom : of movement and embodiment, that are beyond the mechanics of the body.

Yoga and meditation are liberating , enlivening and grounding when it is come to  with an attitude of deep listening, compassion and curiosity to all that may be happening , so that you can let old patterning go and live life with lightness and vitality.

Also a qualified biodynamic cranio sacral therapy , a Continuum practitioner.

A space of allowing that frees the breath,  awakens the spine , reconnects us to ground.  Finding deeper levels of awareness where the body can open , freedom of movement express itself and our inherent health, vitality and wholeness rekindle itself, towards freedom and whole hearted living .

Julie is a qualified  biodynamic cranio sacral therapy graduating from  The Karuna Institute, Devon , UK  – Karuna meaning Compassion.   

She brings her background as a Continuum practitioner working with Cherionna Menzam-Sills
and  years of meditation practice in Vipassana/ Insight meditation  and in Deep Rest Meditation with Gemma Polo and  Jaya Ashmore

These years of meditation and mindfulness practice show up in her teachings  in the value of the gifts of stillness and silence.

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