Power of Listening

Being washed by our own nature Beauty surrounds us ,but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it  The body itself is a screen to shield and partially reveal The light that’s blazing inside your presence  Water, Stories, the body all the things we do , are mediumsthat hide and show what’s hiddenContinue reading “Power of Listening”

Uncovering patterns of ease

Autumn practice for our shedding  &  illumination  ” if I asked myself what do I need from the practice it wouldn’t matter,  as in this practice,  my feeling is that my body answers the questions,  I didn’t even know to ask” student , feedback  the beauty of ease when we are truly in relationship to an intimate listening to our inherentContinue reading “Uncovering patterns of ease”

the doorway of your remembering

yoga can be a fight against ourselves, to reach some distant goal , an idea of transcendence or a doorway to re-membering  who you really are, awakening to here,  at the very heart of ordinary experience  Sound familiar, all that sense of not enoughness driving you away from what is already here?  the sensitivity that we areContinue reading “the doorway of your remembering”


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