Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy

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jo kemp photography

Through a gentle, listening touch with hands biodynamic cranio sacral therapy allows you to reconnect with your body’s natural healing forces.

Addressing issues such as digestion problems , migraine , insomnia , injury and post operative care to depression, stress, anxiety and trauma.   This gentle and yet powerful work means it’s appropriate for all .  I also work with pregnancy, mums, babies , and birth.  

This treatment supports our body in reclaiming its inherent health, potency and vitality.

Where the body might house old experiences of the past.   Biodynamics allows body’s subtle systems and natural rhythms to free up these places of holding.  At the bodies own pace and timing.

What is biodynamic cranio sacral therapy ?

Cranio sacral Biodynamics has emerged from oesteopathy at the turn of the last century.  It was discovered that the sutures in the cranium expressed their natural health through their inherent design for movement.

This exploration lead pioneer of the work Dr William Garner Sutherland to an emphasis upon what he called “the potency of the Breath of Life”,  the underlying forces organising our mind-body system.

More recently pioneer in this field Franklyn Sills has offered further clarification on looking at the forces that shape us as embryos and throughout life.

What to expect
A session lasts for an hour and a series of sessions might be what a client decides they need or sessions are negotiated along the way.

Clients report feelings of deep connection to themselves and to their body, where they find deeper clarity which serves to liberate and empower them in living their life.
Booking an appointment 
Please contact me to book an appointment or to talk about any questions you may have

Where I practice 
You can find me at the Terrenal Espai Yoga & Arts, Sitges and in my treatment space in Carrer de Calafel, Gavamar.   I also offer sessions in Casteldefels, can come to Barcelona  and  can also offer home visits.

For more information 

“I love Julie’s treatments. She has a beautiful way of listening to me and holding a space that truly invites me to listen to my body. This space creates a receptive nature where it seems my body is able to open and unblock itself. A treatment with Julie is a moment to be completely present and allow healing to unfold. Highly recommend!!! “
Alesha Prosperini Carmela , Garraf , Barcelona 
In Julie’s sessions her hands deliver the softest magic to the body and with gentle inquiry in very specific moments, she helps to invite the body to breathe from a more peaceful and deeper place.
Lesya , Sitges
” I am astonished that something so gentle is having such a big impact!”
Fem, Barcelona
” Después de varios diagnósticos médicos indicando problemas de fertilidad opté por probar masaje sacrocraneal.  Antes de un mes estaba embarazada.  Puede ser casualidad pero lo cierto es que sucedió durante la terapia de los masajes.” Eva , Barcelona 

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