Spring Vitality Reset

Spring – Lift up your life 

This awakening spring is here ! 
And wonderful to be sharing news with you of my upcoming offerings .

That we are nature and are a living process within the cycles of nature is the beauty of spring. From the letting go beginning in September Equinox , through deep winter nature brings us to Spring awakening. The vital life flow emerging in our core being coming from layers of care for the layers of our inner knowing over this time. 
Which needs our listening in , our practice .  

Have you been taking steps to support your body through to this phase of spring awakening momentum? 
Or are you feeling tiredness or stagnation,  in emotion , mind and health? 

Join me in my Spring Vitality Reset offering.  21 days online , 
15 minute practices every day, with  5 live online 1 hr sessions. 

Through yoga, posture, breathwork, ayurveda & meditation practices of 15 minutes a day. We will encourage the rebuilding of your inner flow and vitality. The building blocks for your natural energy to balance , for your creativity to blossom and for what you love in your life to become a priority. 

  • A space to step off the pathway to exhaustion and burn out .
  • Start filling your cup , returning fresh & clearer and more vital to your daily life. 
  • Learn simple yoga practices to care for your inner vitality , the very source of your Health , body, mind and soul. 
  • Dedicate and commit to refilling and expanding your inner pool of resource for your feeling lighter and more energised and stronger from within. 
  • Build your daily space for inner listening into your life for clarity. 
  • For the wisdom of your body to reveal itself and take you by the hand to integrate self care into your daily life .   
  • A place to rekindle and deepen the precision in you life flow this spring. 

Creating the building blocks for your own self care plan in your daily pausing. 
Pausing is an act to create space for something else,  allowing us to cease the habit,  we cease going down that way again and again . In the pause we meet what might feel uncomfortable, in the ‘bind’ of a posture that provides a container, for our new emerging inner growing edges.

In the pause , a space for presence,  a holding the line to be with the growing edge ,  an act of  dynamic opposition to what is habitual. 

Each of these pausing ‘moments’ in our practice, which flows from the mat and into our daily living, builds an inner way, our inner knowing capacity, so then allowing our body to ride the waves through bigger cycles of change and transformation. To be well honed soil for the emergence of change and transformation. 

Like a plant has first pushed out & unfurled it’s shoot from the seed and then as it begins another cycle of growth for the light , it has to push through the soil.  In these movements of pushing through , there is a dynamic opposition that is essential for the creative power of growth and birthing to be invoked for new beginnings , whatever form they may take, where we can grow the inner knowing of our powerful centre.  

Where so often the pausing time to be with what’s old, whats stagnant in our system,   can feel uncomfortable and can be skipped over in our culture fixated on fixing or avoiding pain as a backward step a sign of something ‘wrong”. 

When we honour the cycles of letting go, our essential growth as ever changing human beings for our ‘maturing’  can emerge strong.   Like each ring on an old tree , taking it closer to another layer of growth and elder wisdom. 

The Spring Equinox energy offers a place for resetting the balancing point of your inner world or your inner knowing centre.  Where change is transformative and life giving. 

At  Equinox  the day and night are exactly equal in the year,  where is your point of balance?  What wisdom & clarity has grown inside of you through the cycle of the year since Septembers letting go?  

As Spring energy grows daily practice & cleansing supports the growing stream of your vital energy.    Vital energy that supports our deepest body intelligence to perform the mysterious alchemy of spring time birthing and growth to unfold. 

Ayurveda knows that a spring cleanse to attend to the natural rythms of our body attend to the process of releasing stagnant energy , for agni to nourish our digestive flow.   Our prana to flow freely and build the ground of rich soil, the foundation for birth and new growth.  

When we take care of this inner ground there is flourishing from a system that knows its connection.  Connected through the rich deep ground of our body and the earth that receives our roots so we can reach up from this wise deep ground skywards to the cosmos, gather from there and feel the radiance  between this unity of cosmos and earth meeting inside of us , in the deep renewing centre of our being.  

Like the cypress tree, acknowledged in many cultures as a Spring Equinox symbol. For its long and precise growing up at the Equinox balancing point. 

Where we have not rested, where we have not taken time to listen , where we have not attended to our inner world there is  poor digestion and little support for integration of where we could otherwise find growth and change  , there is not the ground for our thriving.   

And so on all levels, emotional, mental and soul,  there is stagnation , aspects of our experience the are ready to be healed ,  somehow not attended to, not yet held and not yet integrated .   
For our inner world to grow and shift , for new growth this emotional & mental stagnation keeps us back , binds us in the repetition of cycles of pain and illusion. 
So when spring arrives we have not grown the wider reaches of our compassionate wisdom to hold and integrate and so transform ,those parts of ourselves unattended.   Then how can we ‘spring ‘?  How can we be riding the rising of vital movement for joy and growth and new beginnings ? 

Rest and pause for what sings in our cells as to what we each need to rest and listen in close to, to give space to in the silence.  In the staring out of the window in the sacred space of connecting to life.   For us to push through. Birth is not easy! 

I invite you to enquire into a  spring time yoga practice that attends to the inner movement of our inner world  through an honouring of body wisdom,  allows our vital essence to rise and support the beautiful embodied life & soul of our body to health and freedom . 

Other options to work with me to step into your vital health. 

Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy 

Where residue of stories long past are held in our body , diminishing the flow of our vital energy , through a light touch of hands biodynamic cranio sacral therapy sessions allow the body to express and release what needs to be healed in its own timing.
I offer sessions online. 
I offer sessions in Barcelona, Sitges, Casteldefels, and Gavamar. 

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