Unshakeable juice of your practice

I am thrilled to be introducing Hayley North , Yoga & Qi Gong teacher,  worldwide retreat cook and Retreat Cook trainer to you as my collaborator for two retreats in Spain this summer !  I first met Hayley on retreat with our mutual teacher John Stirk in Italy back in 2009.  Both of us studying with keyContinue reading “Unshakeable juice of your practice”

Being on the mat, to be with our authentic selves

the gift of yoga is a being on the mat , to be authentic with ourselves  your invitation to retreat with Hayley & I  this summer in Menorca it can be uncomfortable to meet ourselves the journey beginning with just the power of stopping  teaching an intro worksop  in a Catalan secondary school this week , theContinue reading “Being on the mat, to be with our authentic selves”

Uncovering patterns of ease

Autumn practice for our shedding  &  illumination  ” if I asked myself what do I need from the practice it wouldn’t matter,  as in this practice,  my feeling is that my body answers the questions,  I didn’t even know to ask” student , feedback  the beauty of ease when we are truly in relationship to an intimate listening to our inherentContinue reading “Uncovering patterns of ease”

deepening into stillness: still points

deepening into stillness Cranio sacral therapy sessions – about Stillpoints  “At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless,Neither from nor towards; at the still point , there the dance is …”TS Eliot  Autumn asks us to shed , to let go.  For in the shedding , through the winter months isContinue reading “deepening into stillness: still points”

the doorway of your remembering

yoga can be a fight against ourselves, to reach some distant goal , an idea of transcendence or a doorway to re-membering  who you really are, awakening to here,  at the very heart of ordinary experience  Sound familiar, all that sense of not enoughness driving you away from what is already here?  the sensitivity that we areContinue reading “the doorway of your remembering”

Your True Potential – Cranio Sacral Sessions

the gift of embodied presencecranio sacral therapy sessions  A doorway through differentiating between past experiences , and your potential, who you are now, through your embodiment  ” Do you remember how you came into existence?You may not remember because you arrived a little drunk Let me give you a hint;Let go of your mind and then be mindful.Close your ears and listen!”Continue reading “Your True Potential – Cranio Sacral Sessions”

magic in solitude and silence

Winter rest the clarity in tenderness  images fromsilent retreat French Pyrenees  in silence body & mind unfolding in resting nowlanding in to aliveness  in the stillness  held in the wide hands of powerful presenceall that remains is the tendernessof our inherent connectedness  Yoga is no place to get to , its your friend reminding you of the ease and joyContinue reading “magic in solitude and silence”

notes on the yoga retreat experience

notes from Les Gavatxes Yoga & Deep Rest Retreat October 2021 ” I so valued the way we start with meditation and it (the yoga practice ) being part of the same stream and the movement coming from the stillness ” Emma, retreat @ les gavatxes October 2021 Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuationsContinue reading “notes on the yoga retreat experience”