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Gravity  & Lightness  

My first offering here an audio – 13 minute short practice – a baseline for practice or a way to take a pause during your day and begin again feeling fresh and clear.

The dynamics of sitting .  How might such lightness unravel from a deepening inner acceptance of gravity?   Exploring the connection between breath, ground, space and the spine.  Rekindling and revitalising , finding inner freedom and lightness.

Breath & Health

How do we breath to invite health ? In this practice we explore how the health of our core is intimately connected to the cultivation of the organic dance of the breath and the spine. Going beyond the idea of the breath as mechanical , we get in touch with the organic , original breath .


Wish I could to it every day , this yoga is so good for !

Me !

Feel like you are whispering to my cells!

Student feedback
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