Upcoming courses in 2021

Whole Body Breathing

5 week course online – A Vital Spine

Unravelling into a deepening into posture and deepening into being to support your living fully and truly.

vitality , sensitivity , freedom

What happens when posture unfolds from a vital , alive spine ?

Wednesday 5th May – Wednesday 2nd June 2021

– through an an approach to body as living , aware anatomy 
– where posture connects us to health
– awakening your relationship to the living anatomy of spine, breath and the inner landscape of connective tissue , muscle and cellular intelligence 
– no knowledge of anatomy needed

The way of love is not a subtle argument

The door there is destruction

Birds make great sky circles of their freedom

How do they do this?

They fall

And in falling they are given wings”

Rumi (Barks , 1997)

Would you like to enquire into a yoga practice that takes you beyond the mechanics of posture into a deep listening of body?

Reconnecting you to your body wisdom, that can take you by the hand to meet yourself and discover there the alive welcome of inner strength, freedom and vitality ?

Enquiring through posture into the experience of fluid intelligence , an awakening of the spine and discovery of the natural rhythms of body.

5 weeks to journey together in the support and friendship of the group online 

enquiring into 
how the body responds when it is allowed ,
through gentleness,

discovering a vital and alive spine ,
fluid , soft, sensitive  and transformative 

posture unfolding like a flower

landing us back into ourselves  ,
into our living  ,
we soften into our very inner being ,
our natural way of being in body that is ours

a healing , transformative and renewing 5 weeks nourishing your vitality as you journey into summer

all bodies are welcome 
including injury or back pain or
we start from where you are 

For more information please contact me directly 

Places are limited for individualised attention 

Booking Essential 

Your investment   
 a couple of assisted places are available €25  

All bodies are welcome – some experience of yoga or bodywork recommended.
  • Wednesdays 19.30 – 21.00 CET
  • €50
  • two supported places at €25 available
  • Small group size

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Starts Wednesday 5th May – 2nd June