Upcoming courses in 2021

Whole Body Breathing

Reconnect to Body Wisdom

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6 week course online Jan – Feb 2021

Course Now Full

Would you like to enquire into a yoga practice that takes you beyond the mechanics of posture into a deep listening of body?

Connecting you to your body wisdom, that can take you by the hand to meet yourself and discover inner strength, freedom and knowing?

In this course you will be guided in an exploration of the experience of the breath in yoga practice. That takes you beyond pulling and pushing on your body to ‘get somewhere’. To cultivate presence, inner strength and vitality.

Enquiring into the experience of a fluid intelligence , and discovering the natural body rhythms of body.

Unravelling a deepening into posture and deepening into being to support your living fully and truly.

All bodies are welcome – no previous experience of yoga is required
  • Wednesdays 19.30 – 20.45 CET
  • €55
  • two supported places at €25 available

Starts Wednesday 13 Jan – 17 Feb 2021