Yoga for You / Yoga para Ti

“I have been practicing yoga and meditation with Julie for around 6 months and I can not recommend her highly enough. Julie’s thoughtful and focused approach gives me confidence to go outside of my comfort zone and I feel stronger, both mentally and physically with each class. I feel lucky to have found such a wonderful teacher and continuously surprised at the things I learn from our practice. Thank you Julie Tucker I look forward to the yoga journey ahead”  Aletia , Castelldefels, Barcelona

“Just thank you for enabling me to discover I can achieve relaxation and inner calmness in this crazy, stressful world without prescribed medication.”   MJP , UK

Yoga para ti  /   Yoga for  You


Julie is a yoga practitioner with a strong background in meditation, thai yoga massage, biodynamic cranio sacral therapy, somatics, movement therapy  and continuum movement.



Wishing to get back into yoga after a break or simply get started?  Working one to one with you this programme creates, strengthens and supports the foundations of your practice at whatever point you may be as a yoga practitioner.

6 weeks

 one 90 minute start up session  +  5 x  one hour sessions ( or tailored to your needs)




Go beyond what you think you know, ground and integrate all that you learn; tailoring your home practice and putting out the roots of  your  yoga to nourish you in every aspect of creating and living  your daily life.

12 weeks

2 x 90 minute sessions  +  10 x  one hour sessions ( or tailored to your needs)




An opportunity to explore yoga on all levels and deeply listen to yourself and your body to gain deeper insight.   A journey of self discovery .  Allowing the wisdom of your body to reveal itself to you.

24 weeks

3 x 90 minute sessions   21 x one hour sessions  ( or tailored to your needs)


“Yoga and me”  is about reconnecting with you.

These programs offers the huge benefits of  having a yoga and meditation teacher focus just on you and build a personalised practice that is truly aligned with your unique needs and your objectives.

These are  just some examples of some of the things clients take away from these programs :

  • practice yoga to gain flexibility, strength and freedom of movement in your body
  • rediscover and reconnect with your body and its needs
  • address back pain or injury through an awakening of the spine 
  • supporting a healthy and speedy recovery from chronic illness
  • improve alignment and posture
  • slow down, destress and calm a busy mind
  •  reconnect to a vital and healthy body mind balance

  • learn yogic breath (pranayama) and yoga nidra
  • learn mindfulness meditation practices 
  • explore connecting with your creativity and true heart desire
  • explore what holds you back and how to move through this
  • free you up from stress, trauma and anxiety to live your life more fully
  • be able to meet the challenges of daily life with fluidity, ease and success
  • explore your mindful relationship with yourself and others ; and discover new possibilities and choices in your relationships 
  • rediscover a happier and creative you, tuning into what you truly love in your life?


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