Courses at Integral Yoga Centre , San Pere de Ribes


18.00 – 19.15

at Integral Yoga Centre, San Pere de Ribes

Cost €60

awakening the spine

your vital health

starts Tuesday 16th May 2023

A warm & light hearted space to devote a deepening enquiry in your practice or a place to begin if you are new to yoga.

We shall explore different themes each 6 weeks.

Through posture, breath & meditation that attends to our meeting with the ground, heart and connection.

All in the community and friendship of the group.

Open to all bodies and all levels.

I share a practice that is appropriate for those with or without previous experience of yoga. Where body is allowed and a deep listening encouraged.

Conscious Vitality – Your vital health this springtime

Attending to conscious vitality. Begins with a practice that allows the wisdom of the body to show us the way in. 

Reconnect with your inner vital knowing this spring through a deepening into posture from an awakening of the spine.

How we meet ourselves , our bodies on the mat is a defining moment in how the story of health unfolds for us. 

How we meet ourselves on the mat can be the practice of a loyalty to discovering what is truly important for each one of us . 

In the midst of busy lives, a space to renew , strengthen and clarify. 

5 weeks to cultivate strength, ease and freedom of movement , a dedicated space to accompany you through your birthing of springtime projects and wishes. 

May 16th, 23rd , 30th, 7th & 14th June

previous courses
Awakening the spine – Your respiratory organ

Over these 5 weeks we shall explore the depth of the breath; a gateway to Health and wholeness.

Exploring the living organism of the spine for your deepening into your yoga practice. 

We’ll enquire into what Vanda Scaravelli called the relationship between the spine, breath, gravity and the wave.  

How our practice deepens when we allow the respiratory dance; where the spine moves the breathe and the breathe moves the spine. 

Awakening of new experience , going beyond habit.  Cultivating strength, ease and freedom of movement from the power within. 

February – March 2023

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