Inner Wisdom, Inner Wild

In these times of unknown and times of deep reflection as to our relationship with life that has become so out of balance.  I am reminded of the deeply self realising and precious times  I spent in remote places in South America, Sri Lanka and Africa practising in nature , in the wild.  

Held by nature in a deep slowing down,  a deep listening to the tiny places of unravelling and unfolding where the posture emerged.  The  layers of my body and mind unravelling, set free, by the sea that  accompanied me,  the wide sky and the wild nature sounds thick and alive , seemed to penetrate my very being and  to who I really ‘am’ ,  holding me to a deep curiosity of what might happen next.  
Free and alive,  in life’s deep knowing rhythm. . 

What I have realised since is that this inner knowing of body wisdom is always available , our inherent body wisdom, wherever we are and returning to this brings us back home to our inner wild , inner wisdom , that can steer us in a living of what we love for life. 

A place where our inner knowing sings , we feel happier, creative , lighter, in touch with life , able to go with this uncertainty , the unknown that is unravelling . Staying close to this and not the outcomes not the getting it done , instead dwelling in this home of inner wisdom.

I invite you to a yoga practice to remember a natural way of being in body.  

Do join my Monday night practice classes at 18.30 – 19.45 or 20.00 – 21.15, if you are curious.

A practice that cultivates presence , an unravelling of the spine to find freedom and strength of movement through a remembering of the natural rhythms of body.
Suitable for all bodies and levels.  No previous experience necessary , your curiosity for enquiry into practice , welcome. 

Please contact me with your questions. 

To book your spot simply complete this Booking form and you will receive the link and details for payment.

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