Yoga Coming up bouyant in uncertain times

Yoga  for Buoyancy in uncertain times 

On a branch,
floating downriver,
a cricket, singing.

by Kobayashi Issa,
transl. Jane Hirshfield


river cricket jeremy-bishop-dvACrXUExLs-unsplash

Practising the ancient arts of yoga and meditation we promote self regulation of body, mind, spirit.  A proactive response in alleviating  the impact of social isolation and events out of our control on our well being and immune system. 

By creating the space to connect with body wisdom we create the space for a deep listening to ourselves.  Would you like to gain inner ease and clarity?  Are you often guilty of avoiding whats happening on the inside and suffering as a result ?  

Can we open to whatever of uncomfortable that is happening it and be with it ?  What we might call a yoga stretch.

The even better news is that by starting now and building a  regular practice also promotes the discovery of well springs of wellness in body and mind in our daily life. 

These days are more than likely  having an impact on the physical and emotional health of our body/mind.  Inner alarm and stress are  triggered – a natural response to sudden changes to our lives.   What can be triggered  in response to these present time events  might then also be coupled with our ‘programming’ or old stories.

Therefore there is great wisdom in being proactive in our own self care, making better choices in our daily lives by developing deeper self understanding and practising to promote a deep pool of inner health and wellness.

Yoga reorients  our focus away from the stories that bind us to the cultivation and growth of a wealth of  inner health through nurturing a relationship to inner and outer worlds that is buoyant and resourced as we live from  the aliveness of Life that is inherently ours.

I would love to see you in my online classes – all bodies are welcome – for those with or without previous experience of yoga .

Here is the link for class on Monday 13th April 18.30 – 19.45 CET / 17.30 – 18.45 UK

All classes payment by donation by Paypal using  friends and family to

Please email me at for more information

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