Awakening Body Yoga and Meditation Retreat 26- 28th April 2019 Catalunya

“I highly recommend Julies’ beautiful retreat. This past weekend was filled with illuminating Yoga and practice combined with connecting and sensitive Meditation.    The resort, L’Hort de la Riera’ was a charming ancient farm house tastefully modernised to enhance the feelings of calm and reflection. Our meals were of the highest quality and vegan authentically presented and prepared.  Our group was immediately friendly and supportive, both fun loving and committed to the ‘work’.”    N. K  France 

Spring Awakening Retreat :  connect and nurture  your inherent vitality , flow and creativity.   A yoga practice inspired by Vanda Scaravelli that works through an awakening of the spine to cultivate freedom , strength and ease of movement.   Deep Rest meditation to rekindle inner ease and connect with your life flow at this potent time of year.   A space to listen to our deepest nature and nourish the seeds of awakening with the emergence of spring.  All in the community of the group. 

A yoga and meditation practice suitable for all , with or without previous experience of yoga.



The yoga and meditation offered will create the space for a deep listening of the body, an awakening of the spine through playful exploration of our body through the asanas, through breathe, meditation and simply arriving into a sense of wholeness.

Inviting you to embrace much more than just ‘doing’ the posture , nourishing an intuitive practice where we listen to the wisdom of the body,: where we are kinder , more patient , more present to ourselves and the body responds by softening, opening and the postures open to us.

With this opening to our deepest nature comes the possibility of a deep nurturing of yourself , for the awakening of the seeds of your beingness and the flow of your creativity.

A space to connect with just you as you nurture body wisdom.  This weekend is an opportunity to sit and listen with your heart at whatever point you are in your life. And all within the community of the group.


The Place  

L’Hort de la Riera – Casa de Retiros – near Barcelona

Casa de Retiros L’Hort de la Riera, is a beautifully and lovingly renovated traditional Catalan farmhouse.  A space specialising in therapeutic retreats dedicated to inspiration , well being and health.


A space to disconnect and reconnect.   L’Hort de la Riera offers elegant shared and private rooms with own bathrooms, with heating for winter and air conditioning for the summer heat.

The house offers many outside spaces to hang out and chill out! Hammocks, garden areas , terraces with stunning views and the swimming pool.

It combines a rustic design with modern elements creating beautiful and comfortable environments. It has a beautiful sala for yoga and meditation.

L’Hort de la Riera is nestled in the heart of Monsterrat with inspiring nature at hand . You can go on walks to the rivers and natural pools for bathing or take a hike through the valleys and forests surrounding.





Accommodation is in shared rooms of 3 – 4 people.  Elegant, clean and designed withgreat care and attention to detail.  You will love your stay here.   All rooms have private bathrooms.  Private double or single occupancy is also available at an extra cost.


The daily programme

Julie will offer  one yoga session on the arrival day  and two yoga sessions each day on Saturday and Sunday.

An early morning 8 – 10am and evening 5-7pm. On the arrival day Friday there will be an opening circle,  we will practice from 6.30 – 8.30pm.

Meditation  will also be offered each day in the early morning and we will incorporate group walking meditation in nature  into the weekend.

The yoga sessions will begin with a gentle invitation to open up the body and then gently explore and deepen into different postures, breath and meditation through the weekend.

Holding the intention to listen to the awakening seeds of our movement at this transition time of year into spring energy and potency.

The yoga will be suitable for all.  Experienced and those new to yoga.

There will then be time in the day to enjoy free time, immersed in the inspiring natural surroundings , rest in the gardens, go for a walk  through the valley and  forests, or to the nearby river.

On the Saturday there will be an option to put on our hiking shoes, take a picnic lunch and take a contemplative walk together.

The evening yoga session on Friday and Saturday will be a more restorative practice  and the afternoon session on Sunday a gentle closing practice.

There will be periods of silence negotiated with the group – suggested from the evening through to  morning to support each other in arrival into the invitation to be with heart  in gentle mindfulness.

All yoga and meditation classes will take place in the beautiful  Sala a room with  central heating to be able to receive groups all year.

Optional therapies

Thai massage and biodynamic cranio- sacral therapy will be on offer  for an extra cost.



The food

Beginning with Friday evening dinner you will be offered delicious, organic meals created by the outstanding cook with food locally sourced and often from their own vegetable garden.   Followed by deliciously nutricious breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

All meals are vegetarian and/or vegan prepared with fresh, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients, perhaps from the small vegetable garden.

All special dietary requirements are catered for with your advice and details in advance


Investment   €335

Price includes :

  • 2 nights accommodation in gorgeous shared rooms of 3 – 4 with private en suite
  • 5 sessions of stress free , restorative yoga practice inspired by Vanda Scaravelli
  • Guided silent walking / contemplative walking practice in nature
  • Optional early morning deep rest meditation practice sessions
  • Optional sound bath & movement session with resident practitioner Jordi Condal
  • Plenty of free time to enjoy stunning nature walking along the river to waterfalls and natural pools, and through the forested valleys at hand with amazing views
  • Time to rest in the hammock, by the pool or in the gardens – plenty of places for you to nestle in with time yourself
  • Ocasional silent time – before bed , at meal times or during walking meditation – all negotiable and depending on the group
  • Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner – all vegetarian and vegan meals made with local, organic ingredients and from the vegetable garden
  • Teas, water snacks and juices available all day in the beautiful kitchen area
  • Beautiful participants relaxation area with log fire if you feel !

To make your booking or for your questions and enquiries

Please contact   Julie Tucker

+34 672 483 949

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