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jo kemp photography
jo kemp photography

Join me and the growing community in online yoga classes for your own home retreat or yoga routine.  

A yoga practice to dive deep, rest, energise and revive your inner vitality. 

An approach to yoga to reconnect with nourishment of body and mind , through an awakening the spine, to discover inner strength, freedom and flexibility of movement.

All my classes encourage students in your own enquiry in listening to the magic within, a deep listening , where body is allowed. 

All in the warmth and community of the group.
All bodies are welcome

staying with the love that goes everywhere

At this time of change and uncertainty , an opportunity to stay connected , develop or deepen practices to meet the challenges.

Allow and meet anxiety and stress.
Remember/embody the simplicity of life’s basic goodness.

Bring in love and care for the world.

Please get in touch if this sounds good.  A time where we would help ourselves and  so each other through practicing more,  beginning a practice from scratch  , or deepening practice.


How to attend weekly classes ? 

You’ll need a computer or phone to connect, a quiet space with your yoga mat. Email me beforehand to receive your class link.   Arriving 10 -15 minutes before as you would to class, to prepare the space, the computer, and go the toilet etc.

To book your space and receive the Zoom online link to join the meeting  check the timetable below or  please email in advance and book your space at yogajulietucker@gmail.com 

What other yoga events do you offer ?

Please take a look at the Upcoming events page!

jo kemp photography


Please email me at :  yogajulietucker@gmail.com to receive the links to join the yoga sessions live.

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