Deep Rest Yoga & Mindfulness 7 Day Retreat in Southern France 15th -21st July / 19th – 25th August 2018

“Despite a 5 hour flight delay returning to the Uk, I felt so relaxed which lasted for about 2+ weeks. It was odd as I’m usually worrying about something on a daily basis. I realised I was feeling similar to when I was prescribed medication for depression/anxiety. The medication was really helpful therefore feeling like this without medication has made me consider yoga regularly. I have looked in the past but find it difficult to find a class that I can follow as I’m a complete novice” 


Deep Rest Yoga & Mindfulness

7 Day Retreat  15th – 21st July /  19th – 25th August 2018

Rekindle joy , ease and inner freedom.

in mid pyrenees , Southern France, near Foix

Explore and deepen Mindfulness practice though daily group practice and activities  – exploring presence, cultivating the gifts of self understanding and gain insight into your life:   giving you the tools to work more skilfully with life’s challenges beyond the retreat.

Yoga that offers a space for you to deeply rest , the body to undo, and restore.   A gentle  approach to posture that invites a deep listening to body wisdom.  Where the posture is no longer the goal, we are kinder , more patient,  more curious and the body responds by softening and the postures open to us.

A yoga that cultivates an awakening of the spine to find natural freedom of movement, flexibility and strength in body.

Reconnecting to body’s natural rhythms, energy  and body wisdom rekindling joy, inner freedom and wholeness.
All levels with and without previous experience of yoga and mindfulness are welcome.





About Le Rreyche Retreat Centre

Le Freyche 19th century farmhouse

This lovingly restored rustic farmhouse and gardens with stunning views of the surrounding valleys.  Offers a tranquil and inspiring  retreat space where you will be immersed in tranquil nature, supporting body and mind as you dive into this retreat.

It is located five minutes away from a small village with basic amenities, such as a bank, bar, some small shops, and once a week, there is a local food market.

Emma minfulness phot
Shared accommodation is cosy, comfortable and clean , either twin or triple bed rooms,   There are three bathrooms, outdoor and indoor eating spaces, and lots of places to just sit and relax. Or rest by the pool and enjoy the large garden,  complete with apple and peach trees, wild strawberries, and a forest and wild hills  to explore in contemplative walks .

The food

Delicious food prepared by the resident cook using local and organic ingredients will inspire and nourish you.

Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, as well as healthy, tasty snacks throughout the day. Teas, juices, and water are available at all times.  We believe good eating is an important aspect of any retreat and  make every effort to create delicious, healthy, and balanced meals.  Special dietary requirements are catered for,  please advise us in advance!






The daily programme

There will be morning and evening yoga sessions to being and close the day.    The yoga sessions will begin with a gentle invitation to open up the body and then gently explore and deepen into different postures, breath and meditation throughout the week. 

The yoga will be suitable for all.  Experienced and those new to yoga.

After breakfast and the afternoon the mindfulness sessions will explore : why you have stress, how it affects the body and mind, why thoughts can send you into rumination, and how to be with your emotions in a healthy way.    Through meditation, mindful practices, and gentle mindful movement, you will learn how to release tension.

The sessions will offer you practical tools you can take into your everyday life which can help you to be calmer, clearer minded, and more content. No previous knowledge of mindfulness, meditation or yoga is necessary.

In this retreat, you will use Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, as a base. MBSR was designed to help participants learn new ways of handling difficult physical sensations, feelings, and moods. During the week you will be provided with:

  • guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices;
  • gentle stretching and mindful movement,
  • group dialogue and mindful communication exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life;
  • a workbook with daily assignments and home practice materials.

There will also be freetime to relax, swim, read, walk, and just be.

There will be a free day on the Thursday.  On which you can take a visit to the local French food market and a guided walk to see the wonderful views nearby.


  • 08:00 – 10:00 Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • 11:00 – 13:30 Mindfulness
  • Lunch
  • Free Time
  • 17:00 – 19:00 Yoga and Mindfulness session
  • Dinner
Other things to do

During this retreat, you will have lots of time to explore the area. You can either take a walk in the hills, visit the local village, relax by the heated pool or just chill in a hammock.

Julie will also be offering biodynamic cranio sacral treatments. A body/mind therapy inviting patterning and conditions in the body and mind to heal through a gentle touch that allows the deeper subtle systems of health in the body to balance and re-harmonize.  Ideal for stress, trauma, and to find deep relaxation.




Prices and getting there

From 18.00 on the Sunday  15th July until 10.00 on the following Saturday 21st July  2018​

Le Freyche is easily accessible by the nearest main town Toulouse.  Frequent trains run from Barcelona.   Just four hours away from Barcelona, you can arrive by train to Foix station or fly to Toulouse and get the train to Foix. There will be also be a pickup service available.

Price: 580 € (accommodation, meals and all the yoga and mindful meditation activities).

If you bring a friend there’s 10% off for both of you. So 520€ each.

Please contact us  by email below or  Julie  +34 672 483 949 or Emma  +34 617 721 610 for more details , to book or or if you have any queries.



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