Vida Pura

During the day and especially at night it is so quiet you can hear a pin drop, the nocturnal animals sing their songs and the stream that divides the Algarve and the Alentejo trickles endlessly over the land. You can take great hikes by the river stream and up or down the valley.

Odeceixe Beach is a 1st prize winning beach in the huge Natural Park that surrounds it. The beach is great for surfing, body boarding and sunbathing. At the river side the ocean’s waves are cancelled out and harnesses great opportunity for swimming.

If you want some more movement but not too much you can take a bike, walk or drive to Odeceixe, a little sleepy town but vibrant in summer. Around the area traditionalism is very tangible, agriculture and fishery are one of the main activities. It’s an area where you can still find donkeys ploughing the fields and the fish is served straight from the boat onto your plate.

Living hand in hand with nature is the aim at Vida Pura inspiration land. A project dedicated to self sustainability , electricity is solar and wind generated, they have their own on site farm based on bio dynamic principles and use water harvesting.

Their intention is also to support humanitarian projects around the world both financially and with hands on help . ‘In this way we can do our bit to helping others who devote their lives to selflessly offering aid to others: humans or animals in need’ .

Pura Vida offers the opportunity to us with the care of our beloved animals who all play their role in this rewarding lifestyle. Things like feeding the ducks, chickens & donkeys, finding the eggs, putting the donkeys out, for the extra brave personality you can always join in on the manicuring sessions of the donkeys and there is more. Please inform at the reception what kind of care is going on and we will facilitate the activities.

If you wish to explore some more before or after retreat around Pura Vida are numerous beaches for sunbathing or surfing as well as small towns and villages to explore. From the medieval town of Aljezur, to
Carrapeteira, a cute small town close to beach, Lagos, a mid-size old harbour town great for shopping and Sagres, with impressive cliffs of the Cabo S. Vicente and the most southwestern point of the European mainland
Or you may choose to go inland to Monchique, famous for wild boar dishes and medronho, Silves old Morish town with old castle and a nice place to have lunch in Café Ingles next to the castle with live music on Sundays And Santa Clara, a massive man made lake in the middle of the alentejo

Vida Pura also offers their own biodynamic vegi garden and small farm of animals.


Let’s make something beautiful together.
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