“porque no solo me encanta Julie y como trabaja y enseña, sino que -…ademas, casi nunca tengo oportunidad de regalarme algo asi debido a mi agitada vida de viajes.”   Lola, Barcelona

“your quality of intelligent awareness and real understanding of your students is remarkable. Your generosity of spirit and intention is solid and reassuring. Most importantly your knowledge of your discipline is extensive and expert”   Sophie, UK

“I completely forgot to say how much better I felt! My persistent back pain is so very much improved. I can actually feel that there has been a physical easing of tension in those muscles and everything is more balanced as a result. Amazing Julie.”  S  Orloff,  UK

“I had a wonderful weekend! You’re doing great work! Thank you very much for everything.”  Kristiina , Finland


“It’s been my first retreat experience and I am waiting for the next one. The combination of meditation, yoga, the country side as well as interaction with great people was a very satisfactory experience. The initiation of a discipline I want to keep from now on”  Eva,   Barcelona 

“Ha sido mi primer retiro y estoy deseando hacer un segundo. La combinación de meditación, yoga, la naturaleza del campo, así como las interacciones con gente fantástica, han hecho de la experiencia algo inolvidable. Incluso me ha servido como iniciación de rutinas que espero mantener en mi día a día.”  Eva , Barcelona 

‘Julie´s Spring Yoga and Meditation weekend retreat was a joy – her measured, knowledgeable and confident teaching was so beneficial (even to me, a ´beginner´). I have taken much new awareness and learning away from the experience, especially a deeper understanding of the ´meaning´ and benefits of breathing mindfully. The choice of venue, Arcadia, was perfect – a beautiful place within which to ´retreat´, though I would recast that as ´enter´ into a space which perfectly complemented the nature of the course. I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend the whole experience to others. Many, many thanks Julie! Namasté.’




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