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I offer small, friendly online classes with an emphasis on enquiry and exploration of posture, breath and meditation.

A space where students are encouraged to a deep listening to body wisdom , to the magic on the inside.

I work with space for personalised attention and an encouragement of the development of student’s own exploration in their practice.

online class schedule

Mondays 18.30 – 19.45 CET

Wednesdays 19.30 – 20.45 6 week course – Whole Body Breathing

Next 6 weeks

Wednesdays 19.30 – 21.00 21st April to 26th May 2021

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your investment

€10 per class

€35 x 4 classes ( month )

please get in touch if you are experiencing financial difficulties

all bodies welcome

There is never been a better time to begin or deepen your yoga practice.

Join me and the growing community online for your daily or weekly yoga routine.

Yoga means union , reconnecting to your natural flow and vitality.

I offer a practice to cultivate presence , a discovery of freedom, strength and flexibility of movement through an awakening of the spine.

  • calms the mind
  • strengthens the body
  • boosts immunity and health
  • increases focus and creativity
  • increases feelings of happiness

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” expansiveness and deep reconnection “

I have tried a lot of styles of yoga over the years and some classes have had many asanas and a lot of motion crammed into a lesson. Julie´s style is very different to that, she talks and moves the participant into a subtle and deep experience of every posture, which can bring a few realisations along the way about the true significance of a pose. These micro adjustments can allow more ease, less discomfort and a real appreciation of the benefits. The end result is a feeling of expansiveness and deep reconnection with the body and a feeling of calm. It feels gentle but really gets into the core and I felt real benefits on all levels.

Mark, UK

“loved the sloooooowwww pace “

“I really loved the slooooowwww pace of the class and the depth it gave, and the amount of feeling before any moving, and I loved the way you worded things (is so crucial in my experience)… So I’m really positive. I have had so little opportunity to go to regular Scaravelli inspired classes and I love this way of working.”  Rosalie ,  Scotland 

Rosalie , Scotland

“Amazing “

My persistent back pain is  so very much improved. I can actually feel that there has been a physical easing of tension in those muscles and everything is more balanced as a result. Amazing Julie.

Sophie , UK

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