Movement of Life

3 part mini course honouring the movement of life , nourishing and alighting your inner journey of winter emergence
Join me for a 3 delicious sessions online this Imbolc.
Choose to attend live or receive the recordings.
Thursday 3rd Feb 19.00 – 20.15
Friday 11th Feb 19.30 – 20.45
Saturday 12th Feb 8.30 – 9.30
All times in CET

Inspired by the first sparks of fire for our winter emergence felt beneath the Earth.
For a precision crafted from the emerging fire in the depth of winter ground .
For your staying close to what is most important for you in the centre of creation of your life. 

Where we are in our authentic truth , a simplicity of being becomes the momentum for the magic of the daily living of our lives .

Thursday 3rd Feb

19.00 – 20.45

Awakening the Spine.

Enquiry into an awakening of the spine as opposed to tensing and going against the spine in posture . A class to encourage the experience of a deepening connection with the inherent aliveness of the spine with particular attention to the dynamics of the pelvis.

Friday 11th Feb

19.30 – 20.45

Attention and the experience of Embodiment.

How do we pay attention to ourselves in our practice? What mind state are you bringing to the mat? What seeds do you wish sew?

Being committed to a state of enquiry allows vast possibilities. Something else might happen. Going beyond our conditioned habits of mind & body.

Saturday 12th Feb

8.30 – 9.30

Breath – Sensitivity and Receptivity

Enquiring into the relationship of the breath, spine and gravity . A sensitive and receptive quality of listening allows the intelligent aliveness of body in.

The living architecture of the body , the living anatomy of our body is intelligent . For the flowering of posture as opposed to a mechanical view of body.

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