deepening into your practice


A delicious day of yoga .

If you’re curious to deepen your practice. A day to explore an understanding of the awakening of the spine in posture , breath and meditation.

A day to deepen into your practice. For a deepening into being. This awakening Spring Equinox.

Attending to the spine as a living organism from where posture unfolds for integrity , freedom and health in our movement.

A day to discover the powerful balm of our listening , where the posture is no longer the goal and body is allowed.

For vitality and clarity to wash through you and bring you back to wholeness.

The Day :
10 – 1pm Yoga practice

1 – 2.30 pm Lunch – bring a simple vegetarian /vegan dish to share

2.30 – 4.30 Deep Rest meditation & restorative posture.

The session will offer you an opportunity to explore together –

cultivating a deep listening to body
the spine as a living organism
an allowing integrity of movement
attending to joint issues
finding inner alignment
cultivating core strength
finding ease & health in breathing
increasing vitality rather than putting stress on the body
avoiding causing injury through practice

The day is open to all. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

For those with or without previous experience of yoga.

I would love to see you there !
Any questions please do get in touch.

Option to attend the morning only .

Cost :
€55 whole day
€35 morning only

small group 5 – 8 people max



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