“It seems to me that this form of meditation is far deeper than anything i’ve done in the past.”  

” (my practice ) It is simpler. An enthusiasm for it rather than a ‘should”.   Nigel , France 

What I offer 

First , resting  and unwinding.

 Nurturing a deep quality of listening ,  opening a lens of  wide life,  in meeting all of ourselves.  

Being a place to be with how we are , however that is.  

With the orientation towards all the time and all the room for what wishes to grow , what might wish to emerge from underneath the currents of our habitual body and mind. 

 Arriving in meditation to simply be here in life .  

   Join  us here  

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Are you wishing to build a space for yourself , a meditation practice that supports a deep making friends with your life, your creativity and a wider harmony?

Would you like to begin or deepen your meditation practice ?  To nurture and sustain qualities of wellness in our daily lives and  loves, and help us to see the magic in the ordinariness.

Would you like to meditate in the support and community of the group in the comfort of your own home and timings ?
All are welcome, whether you are new to meditation or an experienced practitioner.

Each live gathering offers you a space to practice a deep listening where we connect to the well springs of health and wisdom within.

Where we dive below the busy mind , patterning that may be holding us back in some way and rekindle the anchor of our deepest knowing to guide our daily lives.

No previous experience is necessary.

“The meditation was my “anchor” – my space to find inner peace.”  Eva , Germany 

“Over time I am more able to switch off from the outside world, my mind, lists, talking inside my head, and be more in the moment with the meditation.”   Lucy , UK 

“Alive & Welcome”

Staying close to the wisdom in the stillness
Nourishing the seeds this new year around what we value. 

A need to stay close and feel the gentle tide that supports us from underneath and wide.  
How can we honour and be true to our deepest wishes? 

Staying close to our inner knowing and what will emerge in time 
Join me in meditation sessions attend live or receive the recording.


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