Inner Wisdom, Inner Wild

In these times of unknown and times of deep reflection as to our relationship with life that has become so out of balance.  I am reminded of the deeply self realising and precious times  I spent in remote places in South America, Sri Lanka and Africa practising in nature , in the wild.   HeldContinue reading “Inner Wisdom, Inner Wild”

Yoga Coming up bouyant in uncertain times

Yoga  for Buoyancy in uncertain times  On a branch, floating downriver, a cricket, singing. by Kobayashi Issa, transl. Jane Hirshfield   Practising the ancient arts of yoga and meditation we promote self regulation of body, mind, spirit.  A proactive response in alleviating  the impact of social isolation and events out of our control on our well being andContinue reading “Yoga Coming up bouyant in uncertain times”

What needs more room to grow ?

Meditating together online What needs more room to grow? Loving life a short meditation to try for free   The tendency in our cultural thinking when we think of  growth , is we are talking about more of something.  Whilst in nature growth is cyclical and arises from deep systems of interconnection and mutual flourishing that support all life.Continue reading “What needs more room to grow ?”


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Hi, I’m Julie . Previously a traveller, teacher, and still lover of all things to explore . I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2006 , moved to Spain in 2011. I live with my cat by the sea near Barcelona .

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