Radiant Being


Whenever I think I know or that subtle edge of ambition creeps in, I am most likely in the territory of confusion.  And the conditioned ‘way out’ is to think I can overcome , become bigger than, better than ‘it’ in some way.    The path of separation. 

The less I am the more the confusion may lose its grip and dissolve. 

Gravity first, I keep falling.  For the inherent movement of life to sing me back home. 

The less I ‘do’ , the more the body speaks it’s song and it’s a loving coalescing of its natural rhythms , natural strength , natural energy , allowed to flow.  
The spontaneous gestures of love  or realisation beyond words , that come out of nowhere into some pocket of my deep body.  ‘I’ could never orchestrate.   The surrender to the breath of life that breathes the radiant being we are; already here. 

I would love to see you on the mat.  

I am thrilled to be offering a yoga day with continuum practice this Sunday 30th April – this has been gestating for a long time and I am excited to share.    

No previous experience of yoga or Continuum is necessary.  An openness and gentle curiosity to shift out of habitual patterns of resistance and into your flow would be welcome . 

Radiant Being – Retreat 6th- 10th July still has some places and I would love to welcome you to this personal immersion in deep nature paradise in the beautiful Spanish summer Pyrenees. 

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