Uncovering patterns of ease

Autumn practice 
for our 
shedding  &  illumination 

” if I asked myself what do I need from the practice it wouldn’t matter,  as in this practice,  my feeling is that my body answers the questions,  I didn’t even know to ask” 
student , feedback 

the beauty of ease when we are truly in relationship to an intimate listening to our inherent body wisdom 

the beauty of allowing body : and so the unfolding of our true nature 

what is this allowing body ?

the nature or allowing or the nature of listening that allows , a listening that comes from letting go to the wisdom of silence , for the shedding of the unnecessary , the grip of the mind

yoga  can be a practice of stressing and straining against our body or ourselves or the door way to living our lives from this  attending to the illumination of the beauty of each one of us 

attending to ourselves …

And at this time of year attending to the cycle of letting go 

our nature knows the wisdom of these autumn days are for letting go,  just as the autumn leaves fall to the ground 

our conscious intention of self care in co-operation with , yielding to natural body wisdom  is for this cleansing , to create the space for the deep layers of  shedding alchemy,   for our growing edges to transform 

for a yoga practice to be your friend in this process of   surrendering to the universe of  our body’s inner landscape 

for the meeting with what is no longer necessary , what pulls us away from who we really are , practice creates the container for our growing edges to show themselves

this place of transformation uncomfortable as the old emotions and patterning come up to be held and their power over us shed ,  a releasing of patterns of stress that no longer serve us for the uncovering of patterns of ease 

the container of our practice a place for holding the line for transformation 

so how am I in the posture?  to meet what is here?  

the breath offering ways to cleanse and create the fire or ‘agni’ for the release of ‘ama’  

where there are a 1001 ways of being loved, lived and light. 
in yielding to a breath that knows the way in

from having cultivated our connection to the wisdom of silence
a deep fluid awakening of the breath through our midline creating the conditions for the cells to start moving again and heal in a breath of alchemy with the universal forces of life 

for the depth of your being to sing you home in the depth of your own ‘new’ skin 

I am in my true knowing , my body knows 
the sweetness of my body’s  blooming for a meeting with the world 

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