Falling in

falling in 

What if our body is a living process ?

surrender is not easy ,  resistance and what is limiting us is not always obvious ,
yet if we get busy thinking there is something to fix or a better place to get to , we have lost our way 

we have the power to choose , what we pay attention to and how we pay attention to it

as my student perfectly expressed at the end of class last week 

” if I asked myself what do I need from the practice it wouldn’t matter,  as in this practice,  my feeling is that my body answers the questions,  I didn’t even know to ask” 

when we are so caught up in a practice of technique , we are on a path to ‘getting somewhere else’ , ‘making the body better ‘

how is it to be instead , exactly how we are and where you are in the moment ?

too often yoga technique is just that , a technique and so our attention is a turning away from an open, curious dialogue with what is wishing to be felt  and held for the jewels or the juice of transformation to unravel for our growth 

What if our body is a living process ?  
and our practice is to be dedicated to re-member what is already our inherent nature ?  
to honour the depth of body wisdom 

falling in , falling back in the deep listening , 
this deep fluid way back place , deep beneath

its a maturity needed in a society that has lost the essence of listening and so perception caught in reactivity 

the nature of summer days show us the aspect of a fulfilment of being more and more of our true nature , that just knows how to bloom  , just look at the flowers and the depths of silence in the soil that has seen death for its rich compost to feed this renewal cycling,  one can not exist without the other 

how is your practice ?  
the falling in ?

for the depth of your being to sing you home in the depth of your own skin, 
as my deep knowing brings me in ,  
my deep skin literally hugs me in,  living what I love becomes me

I am in my true knowing , my body knows 
falling in,  the sweetness of my hearts blooming for a meeting with the world 

Love and blessings for your inner blooming these summer days .

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