Your True Potential – Cranio Sacral Sessions

the gift of embodied presence
cranio sacral therapy sessions 

A doorway through differentiating between past experiences , and your potential, who you are now, through your embodiment 

” Do you remember how you came into existence?
You may not remember 
because you arrived a little drunk 
Let me give you a hint;
Let go of your mind and then be mindful.
Close your ears and listen!”  
Rumi, Ripened Fruit
from Spirit Into Form , by Cherionna Menzam Sills 

I am inspired to write and share a few words around this beautiful work and the honour it is to be working as a cranio sacral therapist,  with permission from some of my clients.  

Pre and perinatal experience has an impact on our original blue print. The conditions can be challenging even as early as conception .  As my dear teacher Cherionna Menzam Sills writes in her new book ‘Spirit into Form” ,   ..”in the field of perinatal psychology , .. it has become clear that we tend to express , re live and receive according to our prenatal and birth impressions” .  

Experience in the womb, birth and as a little one have profound imprints,  deeply effecting how you then experience yourself and your life.  How you relate to the space around you quite literally is affected by what the cells in the body have been taught to perceive about themselves and their environment.  

Where the little one does not differentiate between itself and the experience of their mother in the womb , those around the mother,   the fields of support or of absence of support around the mother create these imprints on the sensitive little ones growing perception of life through its growing cells. .  We may find ourselves repeatedly and unconsciously responding to events in our lives as adults in limiting ways  from the imprints of these events long past. 

In a cranio sacral session what has been held from as early as conception can be held in the relational field the therapist creates for healing.  

Working with a regular client online ,  we begin by checking in to how she is , today has been busy and she feels exhausted , mentioning how she has been trying to help others in a stressful situation.  I am reminded of her little one who experienced isolation , in the womb and as a little one , where her mother had been in a war and her coming into being a difficult time for her mother.   Where stress and issues with self regulation are experienced by the mother , the little one in her womb does not differentiate between the feelings of the mother and themselves. 
–  we slow down and come into present time and track what is happening for her in her body,  my client is familiar with these practices and the material we are looking at and so resources herself very quickly,  we reflect on the little one in her being triggered ,  here she is again in patterened relationship to stress around her , and there is a sense of how will she survive this, where there is no sense of support?   

My client finds presence , in the understanding of herself in relationship to her little one .  It is a beautiful moment.
 Who am I?  A doorway seems to open in this moment from beyond words as she conveys the excitement and discovery in this feeling of deep presence.  
She calls it , ‘a presence when I am silent’.  I have the deep feeling of this presence in the silence , and how the long tide is filling the room.   A place that is undisturbed by any conditional forces.  A deep sense of unconditional love and care fills the space.  The clients system shifts into a relationship with Health. 

Taking this to the table ,  she settles and I invite her to be in the felt sense experience of ‘presence’ that she already identified in her body.   The sense of in her words ‘ this presence of myself, of my body and also more than my body,’ and to be aware  from here of stress or ‘activity ‘ and notice how you are now making relationship with the stress. From this resourced, present sense of self held in the wide tides of support that are filing the room with their presence .  
She settles on the table  , the sensations seem to fill the ‘room’ , even more , there is deepening silence .  I am struck by the feeling that its as though her body her cells are so happy to make relationship with the wholeness of the loving presence, of the deep tide thats also accompanying,  filling the space , like  a soft swelling  , its wide and its deep.   Then it is as though this  deep presence sings  with the cells  as they open into deepening and then shifting again into deepening layers of  presence.  

I am struck and also wish to convey here , that at this point in the session it is not that I as a therapist have a strategy or map for what is happening.  The body knows.  The cells know. Just like the Zygote knew and came from a knowing.  And this knowing is always available and organising us and every other living being on the planet.  
The cells know first , and communicate this to the brain. 

The cells know its ok to be present , their orientation is to this sense of ‘ love ‘, to the wholeness of health that surrounds them and they are now nourished by.  Rather than in a distorted version of themselves  , a patterned limited relationship to the space and world around them of being unsafe, limited  and so  contracted and scattered needing to survive by watching out for dangers .  
How can I make myself safe , accepted , loved ? 
This is profound .

Over time by making relationship to those parts of yourself, your different parts of your little ones experience held in cellular memory  ,  there can be a differentiation between these past experiences and who you are now.  There can be a new relationship made to perceiving yourself and your environment.  Life is beautiful! 

Essentially the body re learns ,  in the somatic , cellular level that the therapy plays out. In the creation of a safe , honouring  relational field where life can be experienced as welcoming,  supporting , loving and celebrating who you are. Learning at this relational level to slowly  claim  a new possibility of existence, to be safe, to be unashamed.

It’s not of the mind, it’s of the body .  The body can come back into a full alive living relationship with life.  

I am in awe ,  the timing of this.  I could never have planned or orchestrated.  This practice is not about my strategies or technique.  

I let go and trust in the forces of life.
Where you are wounded in relationship to who you are .
You can heal .  

If you would like to book or find out more about cranio sacral sessions with me online  please do get in touch !

I also offer presencial sessions in Sitges, Gavamar and the Barcelona area.  Happy to answer your questions.

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