magic in solitude and silence

Winter rest 
the clarity in tenderness 

images from
silent retreat 
French Pyrenees 

in silence 
body & mind unfolding in resting now
landing in to aliveness  
in the stillness 

held in the wide hands of powerful presence
all that remains is the tenderness
of our inherent connectedness 

Yoga is no place to get to , 
its your friend reminding you of the ease and joy of living 
in the gentleness of our attentiveness

rest now 
in deep friendship with all of you 
in the magic of your solitude and silence 

Offerings for your yoga practice 

Dear friends,  

Transitioning into the New Year and the winter trees and deep ground remind us to stay with the inner calling of the inner landscape of our being . 

We will begin classes again next week on Monday 10th January . 

It is my intention to offer a space that allows for your enquiry beyond the mechanics of posture ,  to a deep connection and allowing of the deeper streams of body wisdom to nourish and clarify.   All the beauty and freedom and power that you already are.  

I would  love to welcome you to class , all bodies are welcome ,for those with or without previous experience of yoga.  

For more information and to book

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