How present are we in our lives?

How present are we in our lives? What stories of the past are directing our present and our futures?

The stories of events past whether emotional or physical, that we may carry can be held in our bodies and hold us back .
As our perceptions and beliefs about our world are distorted. This energy that is held if released can offer relief from our false beliefs allowing us to fully live and redirect our lives.

A cranio sacral session offers a slowing down and shift out of and underneath conditional forces – that typically manifest in sympathetic arousal or parasympathetic withdrawal, shut down, defensive behaviour – and into a discovery of being resourced, nourished and ‘alive’.

Reconnecting to our bodies inherent healing system we reconnect to the fields of support of the primary respiration of Life .

We reconnect to the forces that are always oriented to health oriented to potential and Life . The same forces that are present as when the miracle of our being first ignites in the womb.

If you would like to receive a cranio sacral session please get in touch.  I work in person and online so wherever you are I can work with you.  

I offer in person sessions in Gavamar, Sitges and Barcelona.
And offer home visits.  

Please contact me with your questions and take a look at my website if you wish. 

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