attention and aliveness

Coming home 
To a wider harmony 

Over these summer months of geographical movement , my yoga practice offers a coming home to a deep stream of aliveness.   
Stepping onto the mat is a gift each time.     It allows a deepening into wider ease and simplicity  underneath any turbulence or habitual mind:  a deep welcoming home. 

Being curious how something deepens as we deepen into body , where posture it’s just a way in and our interest is not in the posture but this  ‘something’ magical that calls us in and home.  

 Clarifying , releasing , widening . The sensation of the texture, shape , movement and energy of thinking , feeling energy,  is held , is seen .  

Like the branches of the tree take hundreds of years there is a deep patience born from daily practice. 
Practice .  Simplicity .  Slowness. 

And so something else happens .  What we might call  spaciousness, release  or insight  .  
Staying curious in the possibility of the something else.
Staying in our deep skin , in body. 

Attention has a quality of deep clear aliveness , like  hidden pools of mystery bubbling up and the cells sing with it .  

Its peaceful , gentle , you could call it love and it loves to love . 

I am back home , remembered – re – membered – re embodied. 

Heavy like a buddha

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