What needs more room to grow ?

Meditating together online

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What needs more room to grow?

Loving life a short meditation to try for free  

The tendency in our cultural thinking when we think of  growth , is we are talking about more of something.  Whilst in nature growth is cyclical and arises from deep systems of interconnection and mutual flourishing that support all life.   Reciprocity.

I am wondering in these days around the opportunity we’ve been given to cease this incessant planning for more,  for a result .   Where we are at odds with Life balance.   In the resultant destruction of the planet.  The consequent  stress that creates illness and seems to be an accepted normality.

Instead there is room to remember what is  Life.   Your natural gift that can come through when we give it that much space .  Can we let go and yield to the tide of what is happening.

Giving room to rest , giving room to breathe, giving room for the wisdom in our bodies to be with what is .


Join me in meditation month online –  a place to practice, enquire and share with others in the comfort of your own home.  Listen live and/or receive recordings.

Here is the link to short 15 – 25 minute tasters of Deep Rest Meditation for you to try.

Meditations to download

If you would like to know more then contact me :


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with thanks to my teacher Jaya Ashmore – http://www.jayaashmore.org or http://www.opendharma.org

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