Shooting the arrow

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‘As long as I don’t aim

I won’t miss

with the catalpa bow

I shoot an arrow

towards the open sky’

It has touched me so deeply , the first two lines I love especially.

I have noticed so often with my yoga students the tension that most people live in with the speed and pressure of daily lives this not only creates tension and anxiety but it takes them away from how they trully feel… and how to better feel what they feel. ‘ Being with ‘ is a beautiful simple practice of self nourishment.

I then reflect on peoples lives that are in this adrenalin based, high pressure, anxiety world – they are in perpetual tension and our body is not meant to be in these tension states. We need room , each cell needs softness and space to allow the health of our body our aliveness and natural energy to be available.

So what drives us? What keeps us in tension? Well if we ask this question with annoyance , if we are in tension with the tension we might go off again somewhere else , trying to fix. Wouldn’t it be kinder to ask the gentler question of can I just be with this. Let me soften into you. And here we may find a huge amount of space , of the capacity to simply listen. Like a soothing balm that allows us to slow down… “there is nowhere to go” I often say to my yoga students rather listen to what is happening with a kindness and patience , how the body , how the movement feels. And here we might just be attentive enough to notice what is happening , and over time move more deeply to notice the pattern , the fear, the anxiety, the thing that drives us to think we are wrong in some way and we have to do something to fix it all, somehow what we are and what our world is is not enough.
How beautiful it is instead to come back to the glorious spaciousness and freedom place of ‘not knowing’

So if I be I can also do

‘I shoot the arrow
towards an open sky’

Sweet freedom flowing-water-shining-sun-full-HD-nature-background-wallpaper-for-laptop-widescreen

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